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My Financial Plan guides you through decisions and factors you may have not considered. I use research, strategy and global diversification.



I believe you can pursue a more secure financial future by having a complete view of your finances, and by having a clear strategy to help you attain your goals. This is the reason why I begin every client engagement with a personalized financial plan that includes more than just investment recommendations. After all, your investments are just a piece of your overall financial picture.

Eric Sands is dedicated to helping clients pursue financial security.  His services include wealth management, retirement planning, asset management and more.

Eric works with clients going through different stages of their lives including:

  • Working Toward Retirement
  • Approaching Retirement
  • Retiring or Already Retired
  • Going through a Divorce
  • Planning After the Loss of a Spouse


The growing complexity and interconnectedness of our global markets demands rigorous research on markets and the sources of investment returns.

Our primary goal as your Financial Advisor* is to pursue your expected return, commensurate with the specific risk you are willing to accept. I strive to pursue principal preservation, capital enhancement and inflation protection for our clients.  Our investment approach is driven by your goals and priorities. Let me help you design solutions to help you pursue your financial objectives.


The single biggest complaint investors have about their current relationship with their Financial Advisor* is that they feel like a number. They seldom get the personalized service they deserve.

When you work with Eric Sands you will experience the difference it makes to have a knowledgeable Financial Advisor* who truly understands you and  cares about helping you pursue your goals. Experience a more personal approach to investing.  To me you will never be just another account. How can I help you pursue your goals?


I do more than just create financial plans* or invest your assets; I help you make better financial decisions. When you have questions related to insurance needs, buying versus leasing, saving, buying a home, investing, retirement or other, you can call me. We serve as your sounding board to help you make informed decisions that will impact your financial future. That’s what makes me different. It’s like having your own personal financial help-line.

I want to be there for you every step of the way to help you navigate the often complex life changes that will affect your financial future.


Wealth & Retirement Planning

Whether you’re starting a family or planning to retire, looking to fund your children’s or grandchildren’s education or the purchase of a vacation home, seeking to address health care needs or transfer the family business to the next generation, you need a wealth plan. I work with my clients to create this roadmap to their future, adapting to changing circumstances over time, helping clients achieve—and protect—their goals.

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Investment Management* & Insurance Planning

I help clients define an investment strategy tailored to their goals, then help them make informed investment choices from among our expansive investment platform across every market and asset class, including alternative investments.

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Cash Management & Lending

How you borrow and manage cash can be as important to the success of your wealth plan as having the appropriate investment strategy. As a core part of my approach to wealth management, I offer clients a comprehensive suite of cash management and lending solutions to integrate their day-to-day needs with their long term goals.

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Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Estate planning can help preserve your assets, reduce taxes for your heirs, and unlock opportunities for future generations and your charitable pursuits. I leverage specialists in trusts, philanthropy and family dynamics to help clients develop estate and wealth transfer plans customized to their needs.

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Trust & Independence

We enjoy building trusted relationships that span generations. Without any conflicts of interest we put your needs first.


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Business Owners

Regardless of a business’ industry or company size, many are faced with similar concerns - effectively managing their business’ financial strategies and preparing for retirement.


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