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Who We Serve

Eric Sands serves affluent families, many of whom, like us, have strong values. Many of these families view their wealth not merely as assets, income or investments, but as the means by which they protect and comfort the ones they love.

Our clients usually fall in the following areas:

  • Business Owners – who own, or once owned, a successful business, often a family business, which is both a source of pride and income for their families.
  • Executives – who have had a strong income for many years, who may have substantial equity in the company they serve and who have retired or deem retirement planning as critical to their future.
  • Wealthy Families – who have tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, of dollars in investable assets and a very complex set of holdings that can include a primary business, real estate, collectibles and other high-value assets.
  • Physicians and Dentists
  • Trusts & Foundations
  • Individuals experiencing an inheritance or sudden wealth
  • Individuals establishing new financial goals post-divorce
  • Non-Traditional Families
  • Retirees and Pre-Retirees
  • Individual Private and Public Sector Professionals

Goals and Concerns

Families like this share certain goals and concerns. They put family first and want their wealth to be available to support the ones they love. This is their top concern. A loss of wealth is equivalent to a loss in their ability to care for their family.

These individuals want their wealth to grow. Many of our clients have worked very hard for their wealth and now want it to work for them. However, their desire to grow their wealth almost never supersedes their desire to preserve their wealth. They want to be intelligent and thoughtful about the level of risk they entertain, ensuring that risk results in positive gains.

Affluent families we serve want to transfer their wealth to their heirs through the most tax-efficient means possible. They realize peace of mind in knowing that estate plans and trusts ensure that their wealth will pass seamlessly to those for whom they have worked so hard.

Our clients want to protect their wealth from undue taxation and unjust seizure. Having the best possible strategies for taxation is very important to these families. They realize the great complexity involved in changing tax codes and know they need an astute and experienced partner in this area. They also recognize the value of insurance planning and the role it plays in protecting their wealth from loss.

Many of the families we are privileged to serve want to support the charitable causes that move them deeply. These families believe in giving back to the communities in which they have been blessed to live and prosper. They want their wealth not only to support their families but also the charitable causes that have become truly meaningful to them over the years.

Your Values

Not only do many of our clients share goals and concerns, they also share certain values.

Our clients value comfort. It is important to them to be comfortable with a financial advisor. They often choose to have a financial advisor build relationships with numerous family members, not just a primary patriarch or matriarch who controls wealth. They want to make sure spouses and children know their financial advisor and are being advised on the key issues that impact their family.

Those we serve want to be comfortable with the advice and counsel of their financial advisor. It is important to them that their financial advisor knows them very deeply, that the advisor takes the time to listen to them and ask the right questions. They want to feel comfortable that the plans and ideas their financial advisor recommends are in accordance with their wishes and are most likely to help them pursue their goals.

Our clients value peace of mind. It gives them a great feeling of relief to know that their affairs are in order, that they have provided for their heirs and that they have prepared for the unforeseen. This frees their mind to focus on other things that matter to them.

The people we serve value hard work. They see a clear connection between effort, risk, focused execution and living a great life. They believe in discipline and living a balanced and healthy life and want to pass these values on to future generations. They appreciate it when a financial advisor helps teach these values to younger generations.

Our clients value continuity. They want to build a relationship with a financial advisor who is backed by a great broker dealer that can deliver the services they need. They desire to maintain these relationships for many years. They know the process of building these relationships can be long and difficult and an interruption in a relationship with a financial advisor can have disastrous consequences.

Most importantly, those whom it is our pleasure to serve value quality time with the ones they love. They know that they are not experts in taxation, retirement planning, financial planning, investments, estates and trusts and a host of other areas that are important to enhancing and preserving wealth. They prefer to work with a financial services organization that can help them in all of these areas so they can spend quality time with the ones they love, knowing their wealth is well cared for.