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A Steadying Force Through Good Times And Bad That Cares About You

Financial services was not where I thought my career path would lead me, but it most certainly is my calling.  What I have discovered is that all of the things I did previously were all pointing in the same direction.  My training and previous jobs in finance and accounting taught me the formalities of project planning.  It turns out that retirement planning is another form of project planning, just using a different set of tools and variables.  But while it was satisfying to see a project come in "on time, on budget", the impact was not personal.  Helping individuals and families plan for financial goals is incredibly personal and I love connecting my passion for process and planning with the deep and real relationships I build with my clients.

It also taught me how life's events put "Money in Motion" which is exactly when people have questions.  When everything is status quo, we tend to ignore it.  It is when life events throw us something new that we are forced to learn, or to seek advice.  I try hard to be a source of calm and information for my clients during these times.

If you ask financial advisors "What service do you provide?", many will respond with generic answers such as financial planning, wealth management, investments, etc.  My answer is "I provide discipline."  In my experience, we are our own worst enemies when it comes to money because we are too close to it.  Our egos get in the way and the normal emotional tugs generated by our culture and the markets cause us to act in exactly the wrong direction.  One of the  the most important lesson I took away was the value of a dispassionate perspective.  When you are emotionally connected to the result, it is critical to have someone who understands the process and has the discipline to walk you through it.

I have come to discover that all of my earlier experiences were leading me here, to this calling... to help people.