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Performance That Matters

✓ Independent Financial Advisor

✓ Helps clients maintain a long-term approach

✓ Trustworthy and accountable to our clients

✓ Helps clients stay calm when the market drops

✓ Helps clients stay current on tax law changes

✓ Helps clients with cutting edge investment strategies

✓ Does not offer proprietary mutual funds or hedge funds, thus avoiding a significant conflict of interest.

✓ Able to coordinate financial planning, estate planning, investment management, and risk management.*

✓ Your advisory team consists of a financial advisor, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and an estate planning attorney.

✓ Your advisory team has a strong business education, including degrees in business, finance, economics, MBAs, and law degrees.

✓ Financial Planning firm for more than 15 years.

✓ Review of your estate planning documents by a legal affiliate that has drafted over 1,000 estate plans.

✓ Same day or next day response to your questions.

✓ Overall fees are less than that of an average mutual fund